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Concrete blending test pattern

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Concrete blending test pattern

Price: 29 845 Ft / pcs
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All of incorporation of concrete - installation, use - before and during take samples for later inspection.The concrete samples taken must be standard size and shape of those tests can be carried out.The concrete analysis of the concrete testing standards dealing with solidified determine the dimensions of the specimens.Our company is the most commonly used pressure loading, water circuit tests, bending tests and manufactures concrete specimens - cubes - templates.The concrete specimen templates robust but simple in design: 10 mm steel sheet, without chipping.The number of specimens required for Tests 3, to be established in a sample, so it requires a set of 3 test sample cube template.

test pattern size : 600x150x150mm
weight : 22kg

Delivery within 1 week after the order.
According to individual needs we specimen template, specify the size of the finished and what we produce.