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Magnetic Dramix picks up

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Magnetic Dramix picks up

Price: 107 950 Ft / pcs
Price exc. VAT: 85 000 Ft
VAT: 22 950 Ft

Steel fiber, steel hair, rolling dramix magnetic pickup.
Stainless steel design stoncium ferrite magnets column (12db).
Making industrial floor after the first smoothing rough hair on the steel surface must be removed due to the surface smoothness of subsequent error-free.
The magnetic pickup dramix, concrete surface can be adjusted from 0-30mm. The lower the weight of steel fiber closer to the beam must be lowered to the floor.
The steel is magnetic pickup removes fibers on the surface, so the surface does not impair the quality of hair left on the so-called steel finish time.
The magnetic steel trolley pick-up from the hair, working gloves can be swept up and ready to use again.
Suitable for any pick up small steel, screws, nails, metal shavings
In the image device, the handle contains 2m wide 170cm long, 12-strontium ferrite block magnet structure with stainless, weight 22kg.
Easy transportation to the handle can be removed, the recording is happening Stud with clips.

We also according to individual needs mágenses dramix pickup, on request