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1. Introduction

The Present General Conditions of Contract (in additional ones ÁSZF) implies it the [] on a web page (in the additional ones: website) for the strain of an available service into a claim customer (in additional ones: User) the conditions of his usage.
The website is necessary to his usage on it technical information, which ÁSZF does not contain,, the informations which can be attained on the website provide it. The user takes notice of it with the usage of the website and the present accepts it ÁSZF-ben occupied ones.


2. The service provider:
Name: [Harden Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Betéti társaság, shorter form: HARDEN Bt.]
Adress: [6000 Kecskemét, Vörösbegy u.21.]
Post adress : [6000 Kecskemét, Vörösbegy u.21.]
Representative: [Fekete Róbert]
Trade register: [03-06-108338]
Registering courts name: [Kecskeméti Törvényszék Cégbírósága]
Tax number: [20161152-2-03]
Community Tax Number: HU20161152
Account holding financial institution: MKB Bank
Invoice Number/Bank account number: [10300002-10448879-49020013]
IBAN Invoice Number/Bank account number: HU60 1030 0002 1044 8879 4902 0013
E-mail adress: []
Phone number: [+36/30-9686185]
Hosting service name: [3 in 1 Hosting Bt.]
Hosting service address: [2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Forrás u. 12. III/11]
Hosting service e-mail address: []
Hosting service webpage: []


3. The activity pursued on the website:
Our web department store (, deals with the distribution of the undermentioned products:
the distribution of self-developed electronics devices, equipments.

4. Conditions of application
The user may use the website for his own risk exclusively, and accepts it, that the service provider does not vouche a responsibility the financial one coming up in the course of the usage and not for material damages the deliberately, with serious negligence, you are truth for a breach of contract damaging the life, corporal integrity, health furthermore caused with a crime on a responsibility.
The service provider excludes all responsibilities the website using for an attested behaviour and that the user in a full measure and exclusively for a responsible own behaviour.
The user ropemaker to ensure it, that in the course of the usage of the website third parties' rights or the measures directly, neither let him not offend it on an indirect manner.
The content made the one which can be reached by the users possibly in the course of the usage of the website (for example remark) the service provider authorized, but not his duty to check, and in the look of the published contents the service provider authorized, but not to look for signs indicating the continuation of an obligatory unlawful activity and does not vouche a responsibility for these

4.2. Copyrights

The website full whole (texts, pictures, graphic elements, stb.) copyright is subject to it, to make a copy onto commercial aims so, to modify, to spread prohibited!

5. Purchase on the website

5.1. Process of the order

The website insure a product introductive and online order possibility to the Users. On the website the User can search and explore thru the menu. The products are categorized systematicly.
Clicking on the name of the category, the list of products are visible. If all of the products in the given category do not pass onto a side, then above the products it is possible to turn a page with the help of numbers. The product from a list the detailed product side clicking onto the name of the product can be reached, may orient himself here the to order from the detailed features of a desired product, and the price. The selected product with the help of a basket button can be put into the basket, beside the button the necessary number of pieces can be set. The user may check the content of the basket with the help in the menu. The user can modify it here, that from the product put into the basket a what kind of quantity requires to order, may delete the given item concerned. The user the order may continue the purchase process clicking onto a button. There is an opportunity as second step onto entry, or registration.
The user has to grant the undermentioned data in case of the registration, shopping: e-mail title, name, phone number, billing address, and if from this different the transport address. Also a password is necessary to the registration to give. From the successful registration the user in an e-mail, and may orient himself on the website. The user may ask the deletion of his registration of the service provider in an e-mail, this is needed for new shopping again in a case to register. The user is responsible for keeping the access data in secret. The user is responsible for refreshing his data, and the his duty for the service provider to announce, if he discovered that third person abused his data. In case of a forgotten password on the website new password can be asked for the registered e-mail onto a title. If the user early registered on the website, the order process with the yielding of the of the e-mail adress and his password resumable.
The order, the user has to select the product, the number of pieces of the product, „I put it into the basket” button may put it into the purchase list, the shopping clicking on the basket resumable, it is possible to check it here the a product wished to shop concerning his number of pieces to delete, next step the cashier's desk button, the yielding of the invoicing transportation informations and the selection of salary, transportation opportunities happen on this side. With clicking on the „Order” button we may make the order final, from which acknowledging the user receives an e-mail. In as much after the fixing of the order (pl.: the acknowledging in an e-mail) observes wrong data it promptly, but inside at most 24 hours the user’s duty to inform the service provider.
Independently of the order intention the user the entry may do the entry with the help of a menu item. The user steps clicking on his registered name appearing after entry onto the side implying his own data where the user may modify them by the exception of a name, and the data of his passed order, and may track his state.

5.2 Bid constraint, acknowledging
The service provider informs the user in 48 hours for the acknowledging. If the user does not receive this in 48 hours, the user is exempt from his bid constraint so, he is not bound to do the take over. The acknowledging an e-mail implies the data granted in the course of the shopping, the order data, the ordered product(s) name, rice, the selected salary and transportation manners, the number of the order, and the user is related to an order in addition to this his comments. Acknowledging e-mail the shop sends it in all cases, the user's service provider and you are a correspondent's client spam may put it into a portfolio, after an order the acknowledging in case of an e-mail not arriving worthy to check this.

5.3. The formation of a contract
Onto the binding of the contract there is an opportunity on a Hungarian language. The submission of the order is qualified as an electronic contract bound on a road, onto which the electronic commerce services, and the 2001. yearly one being about the single questions of the services being linked to the information society CVIII. in a law occupied adequately normative. The contract the consumer and from the detailed rules of the contracts between the undertaking solo 45/2014 (II.26.) falls under the effect of a Government order, and keep an eye on the consumers' rights by parliament and the council 2011/83/the provisions of EU's governing principle.
The contract the automatic one acknowledging comes into existence with his arrival.

5.4. The registration of the contract
The contract made through the website is not qualified as a written contract, the service provider does not file it, posteriorly cannot be got.

5.5. Bill
The service provider makes out a paper-based account, which is inaugurated promptly at the time of a personal receipt,, in case of a dispatch though in the packet can be found the account.

5.6 Payment possibilities

- PAYPAL The payment can be done online with PayPal account
- Money transfer in advance This way after get of the validation of the successfull money transfer, or after the money is transfered to our bank account we can complete the delivery.

5.7. Take over possibilities, Delivery notes
Onto transport for example FedEx, Magyar Posta the user may claim the services of delivery service. Into certain countries Fedex does not carry a load into these countries with Hungarian Post we send the ordered products.

The delivery cost calculation based on the final weight of the package: (posting)
Inland ( Hungary ) with Hungaryan post service
0kg - 20kg 2500.- HUF*   ~8.-EUR
20kg - 40kg 5000.- HUF*  ~16.-EUR
* The prices are without the tax and based on the 2015 january conditions.

If the final cost of the order reach the:
50 000.- HUF whitout tax then 50 % off on delivery cost,

The packages over 40kg are the subjects of other decisions and that value can be contained by the subjected product or it will be delivered in more packages (separated) and this way the delivery cost is based on this.

abroad with Hungarian Post service (only Europe)
0-10kg 10000.-HUF ~30.-EUR

The packages over 10kg are the subjects of other decisions and that value can be contained by the subjected product or it will be delivered in more packages (separated) and this way the delivery cost is based on this.

Parcel services to abroad
0-5kg 6800.- HUF  ~22.-EUR
5-10kg 10000.-HUF ~30.-EUR

The packages over 10kg are the subjects of other decisions and that value can be contained by the subjected product or it will be delivered in more packages (separated) and this way the delivery cost is based on this.

At the take over of the product the user is bounded to check the product/package is not damaged. In as much experiences injury on the packaging, the product, the user may ask the uptake of minutes of the courier, because the product from a courier the quantitative and qualitative receipt of the product occurs with the receipt of truth or the signature of the document justifying the receipt, what means that the user may excercise his waiving right exclusively following the receipt, does not stand a quantitative and qualitative complaint in the service provider's manner subsequently after the leaving of person making the delivery because of this to accept. In as much the packaging or the product got injured visibly at the time of the take over, and the injury arose before the take over of the merchandise, the resumption of the product, the service provider insures it free of charge concerning his exchange. The service provider does not vouche a responsibility for the take over observed following the receipt!
The service provider - in the deficiency of his different agreement - following the binding of the contract without delay, generally 5 workdays, but at the latest thirty works inside a day bounded to onto the consumer's provision to let (to deliver) the product. In case of the service provider's delay the authorized being on a diet an „overdeadline” can be arranged. If the service provider the overdeadline from within does not accomplish, the authorized being on a diet to forego the contract.
Without the pinning of the overdeadline helping lose weight then authorized to forego the contract then, if the service provider denied the fulfilment of the contract or the contract you are the service according to half of his agreement by virtue of his recognisable function in the particular fulfilment time - and not another time - it would have been necessary to accomplish it.

6. Waiwing right

6.1 The procession of the practice of a waiving right:
In this point occupied they concern a natural person intervening apart from the circle of his trade, his independent occupation or his business activity exclusively, who buys merchandise orders, gets, is useful, into a claim has bought, and the addressee of commercial communication, an offer is related to the merchandise (in the additional ones consumer).
Because of the product, at the time of the service of more products it last provided because of a product, the consumer you are it by way of it marked what do, from the day of his receipt by way of a third party differing from the freighter fourteen counted (14) in a day from the contract justifying to keep authorized.
Consumer the day of the binding of the contract and the product exercise the waiving power of his receipt in a period between his day. His unambiguous declaration implying his waiving intention if the consumer wishes to excercise his waiving right ropemaker to send (for example on post, you are electronic on a telefax on the road of a letter sent on a road) with the strain of the availabilities indicated in present ÁSZF 1. point the service provider for him. From this aim the consumer the waiving one enclosed with an e-mail acknowledging the order may make use of it declaration - sample.
The consumer exercises his waiving power in a deadline if the service provider sends his waiving declaration for him before the expiration of the honed marked deadline.
The consumer burdens the demonstration of the 5th point having exercised the waiving power of provisions defined adequately.
The service provider acknowledges his arrival to his waiving declaration helping lose weight promptly in an e-mail in both cases.
It is necessary to regard it as one enforced in a deadline in case of waiving happening in a writing, if it is the consumer his declaration being aimed at this inside 14 calendar days (even on the 14. calendar day) sends it for the service provider.
In the case of post marking the occasion of the posting date, e-mail or via fax to the notification e-mail or send a fax to time to take account of the services in terms of the time-limit calculation. Consumer recorded delivery letter to the advanced payment to the satisfaction of proving the date of dispatch.
In case of cancellation, the consumer is required to get your order without undue delay to the service provider's address indicated in 1, but returned within 14 days from the date of notification of the withdrawal form. The deadline is considered to have been observed if the consumer sends (give or mail the ordered courier passes) before the 14-day deadline for the moment.
Service at the address to return the product cost to the consumer. The Service returned the package on delivery is not in a position to take over. In addition to the cost of returning the product to the consumer in connection with the cancellation of any other costs not charged.
If the consumer cancels the contract immediately, but no later than the consumer within 14 days of the cancellation notice of receipt of the Service Provider shall refund all offer made by the consumer, including freight (shipping delivering it paid) expense, excluding the additional costs that concern arose that the consumer choice offered by the Service, other than the cheapest mode of transport usual mode of transport. The Service Provider shall be entitled to a refund as long withheld until you have received the product for the consumer or not credibly demonstrated that it returned: one of the two agents take into account the earlier date.
The refund in the original form of payment transactions applied the same method of payment used by the Service, unless the consumer other means of payment expressly gives consent; For this method, a refund of the consumer will not be charged any extra.
The Consumer shall only be liable for diminished value of the product occurred if the use is due to excess use for the product, the nature, characteristics and function determination.

6.2 The situation when the User can not practice his Waiwing right:
In a contract for services after the completion of the service as a whole, if the Service started delivering the Consumer express prior consent of the consumer and noted that after the completion of the service as a whole loses its right of termination.
A product or a service, which cost or fee can not be influenced by the financial services market, depend on the possible fluctuation during the withdrawal deadline of 14 days.
For non-prefabricated product that is set on the basis of the consumer's request or explicit instructions to the Service, or for a product that clearly has been imposed on the user personally.
In the case of a contract to which the consumer is looking for an explicit request from the Service in order to complete the User of urgent repair or maintenance work.
Locked packaged audio or video recordings or computer software and selling copies of respect after delivery if unsealed by the consumer.
Digital content to non-tangible media with regard to the services began to express the consumer's prior consent of the performance, and the consumer at the same time stated that the consent of the account to note that after the start of the performance will lose your right of withdrawal.

7. Warranty
7.1. A warranty

The User Service in case of defective performance against the undertaking of submitting enforceable in accordance with Act V of the 2013 Civil Code provisions.
In case of a consumer contract the consumer qualify under User enforce two-year limitation period from the date of receipt of warranty claims, for those product defects which existed at the time of delivery of the product. Two-year limitation period beyond a warranty to enforce the rights of the user does not know.
For non-contract the consumer with the user's needs during its warranty one year limitation period from the date of receipt.
The User - the choice - a warranty claim with the following live: You can request a repair or replacement, unless they are elected by the fulfillment of customer demand for the company would be impossible or disproportionate to meet the needs of other additional costs. If the repair or replacement of the User is requested or demanded they require proportional delivery or failure of the remuneration of the company at the expense of the user can correct or corrected or else - as a last resort - also withdraw from the contract.
Choosing the right a warranty User also revert to another, but the cost of the transition bears user, unless it was justified, or that the company can give rise.
The User is obliged error immediately, but not later than the failure to communicate within two (2) months after the discovery of the discovery.
The user can enforce directly against the undertaking a warranty claim.
In case of detected error is presumed to be within six months of the completion (ie the delivery, after receipt) that the defect existed at the time of execution, unless the presumption is that the nature of the error, or incompatible with the nature of the product. The Service will only be exempt from the warranty, if you tilt the presumption, that proves that the product defect arose after the user to transfer. On this basis, the supplier is not bound to the user's complaint is upheld, if adequately demonstrate that the error due to the consequences of misuse of the product. However, six months after the execution of the burden of proof is reversed, that is, in case of dispute, the User has to prove that the defect existed at the date of settlement.

7.2. Product warranties
Product warranties may arise only in the event of sale of goods (products) fault. In this case, the consumer qualify the user - the choice - to 7.1. or the right to assert a claim of product as defined above.
Of product demand, the user may only repair or replacement of the defective product.
A product is considered defective if it does not meet quality standards or the existing marketing, if you do not have the properties listed in the manufacturer's specification.
User validate the claim of product within two (2) years from the marketing of the product from the manufacturer. After this deadline will lose this right.
The user to the product needs to be exercised only in the sale of goods manufacturer or dealer.
Validation of the product in case of product defect claims must prove to the User.
The manufacturer (supplier) shall be exempt from product liability only if it can prove that:

The product is made is not his business, or placed on the market or
The failure of science and art at the time of marketing was not recognizable or
act or failure of the product resulting from the application of the mandatory regulatory requirements.
The manufacturer (distributor), the exemption is sufficient to prove a cause.
For the same error a warranty of product demand and at the same time, in parallel can be made. However, for the effective enforcement of product of submitting claims for the product replaced or repaired part of the user to validate the manufacturer.

7.3. Warranty
Warranty regarding mandatory for certain durable goods 151/2003 on the mandatory warranty for durable consumer goods. (IX. 22) contains provisions Govt. Decree. The scope of Regulation (tangible) only applies to products sold and listed in the Annex to the Regulation in the new consumer contract in Hungary.
Durable consumer goods listed in the Annex to Regulation Government in respect of the compulsory one year warranty, which is the starting date of the product to the consumer or the date when the transfer of commissioning the services performed by or on behalf of, the date of commissioning.
The company from warranty obligations shall only be exempted if it can prove that the defect occurred after the performance.
For the same error and the user's warranty claim a warranty or guarantee of product demand and at the same time, in parallel not claim, otherwise this is the user's rights arising under the warranty to 7.1. and 7.2. enjoy regardless of the permissions defined above.

7.4. Warranty, warranty claims validation
The warranty on the user needs to assert the following contacts:

Name: [Harden Bt]
Adress: [6000 Kecskemét, Selyem u.8.]
Phone number: [+36/30-9868185]
E-mail adress: []

8. Enforcement options
8.1. Complaint management place, time, method
The user of the product or consumer complaints regarding the activities of the Service Provider may submit details below:

Name: [Harden Bt]
Adress: [6000 Kecskemét, Selyem u.8.]
Phone number: [+36/30-9868185]
E-mail adress: []

The Service verbal complaint when it has the opportunity to remedy immediately. If immediate remedy the oral complaint is not possible, due to the nature of the complaint or if the user's handling of the complaint does not agree, then the Service Provider shall make a record of the complaint.
Service of a copy of the protocol provided personally (on-premises) for the User to pass an oral complaint on site, or if this is not possible, it is bound to act according to the rules set out below a written complaint.
The Service, the User shall send a copy of the minutes of the substantive answer the phone or at the latest at the same time in the oral complaint reported using other electronic communications service.
In all other cases, the Service Provider shall act in accordance with the rules of the written complaint.
A telephone or other communications device recorded the complaint provided by the Service Provider, a unique identifier which simplifies the subsequent retrieval of the complaint.
The Service received a complaint in writing to respond substantively within 30 days. Under the action of this contract is mailed.
In case of rejection of the complaint on the grounds for the rejection of Service informs the User.
8.2. Other enforcement options
If that may exist between the service provider and user of consumer dispute is not settled in negotiations with the Service, the following enforcement options are open for the user:
• Complaints consumer protection authority,
Initiative (responsible for the seat of the Arbitration Board Service contact details should be provided) • Mediation Board process,
• initiating judicial proceedings

9. Other
9.1. Terms and conditions, changing prices
The Service GTC present, the prices and prices of products sold on this website at any time, change is not retroactive, the amendment will become effective upon publication on the website, and only applies to transactions after it goes live.
9.2. Technical limitations
Purchases from the home user assumes the part of the Internet the possibilities and limits of knowledge and acceptance, particularly with regard to technical performance and the resulting errors. The Supplier shall not be liable if any malfunction is detected in the Internet network, which prevents the operation of the website and purchase.
9.3. Privacy Policy
The provider's privacy policy can be found at:

Név: [Harden Bt]
Levelezési cím: [6000 Kecskemét, Vörösbegy u.21.]
Telefonszám: [+36/30-9868185]
E-mail cím: []
Weblap:  []

These General Terms and Conditions are valid from:01.01.2015.