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Data protection Statement

The Harden Bt webshop (furthermore: Data Handler) by the reason of online selling activity use the personal datas of the registered users and for only to complete the orders of them and by the engagement of billing. The Data Handler only use the data what necessary to carry the target into executed, and what only amenable. The Data Handler only use the datas to carry the target into executed in necessary volume and in necessary timeframe. The Data Handler protect all stored datas of the registered users in the webshop on all expected way.

 Adress of the Data Handler:Hungary, Bács-Kiskun megye, 6000 Kecskemét, Vörösbegy u.21.
Availability of the Data Handler: Cell phone number: +36309686185, E-mail:
Number of the Data Handler in the register:

The claim of data handling: The year 2011 CXII. law about the information and self-determination right and the freedom of information 5th. § (1)section a) The permission of subject.
Permission to the data handling: The user at the registration decidedly gives his contribution to his personal data granted by it willingly.
Group of subjects: Registered users
The round of handled datas: The requiered datas given by the users at the registry in order to complete the purchashe are the following: Name, Availability (phone number, e-mail adress) Delivery Adress, Billing Adress
The target of data request: To execute the orders and to billing and to send newsletters.
Duration of data handling: We do not delete any registered user without his/her own granted willing.
The costumer can request from the Data Handler:
- To brief about the handling of his/her personal datas
- To correct of his/her personal datas
- To erase his/her personal datas or block them
The user can log in to the webshop with the given user name and password given at the registration. Entering the webshop the user can check, modify and delete his/her own datas. If earlier he/she sent and order then the valid datas of the user were attached to the order in the time of purchase. The attached personal datas to the order can be changed and corrected by the way of data handler personally, on phone or in e-mail can be initiated.The Data Handler from the date of hand in in the fastest way but maximum in 10 days gives the information to the resgistered user in a plain language and in written form. If the Data Handler agrees with the request of the registered user then immediately do the actions to correct or delete the personal datas in favour of. If the registered user is not satisfied with the answer of Data Handler he/she can validate his/her personal data protection rights on a civilian court, further can turn to the Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság /National Data Protection and Freedom of Infomation Authorities/ ( The year 2011. CXII. law about the information and self-determination right and the freedom of information is reachable here: Nemzeti Jogszabálytár (National Lawbay) (

01.01.2015. Kecskemét City, Hungary